Culture at the Heart of Montreal’s Development

Culture Montréal is an independent, non-profit organization that unites people from all backgrounds interested in promoting culture in all its forms as an essential element of Montreal’s development.

Culture Montréal is a place for deliberation, dialogue, and action aimed at the cultural community, political and business decision-making bodies, civil society and citizens.

Culture Montreal takes part in defining and recognizing culture, both in its richness and its many forms.

The organization acts as Regional Cultural Council for Montreal and is recognized by the Government of Quebec.

Main Objectives

  • To promote the right, access, and participation to culture for all citizens of Montreal.
  • To emphasize the role of culture in Montreal’s development, mainly by encouraging the cultural community to actively participate in city life.
  • To contribute in strengthening Montreal’s position as a cultural metropolis through the enhancement of its creativity, cultural diversity, and national and international reputation.

Culture Montréal in Action

In order to pursue its mission and the main objectives behind it, Culture Montréal will work with the cultural community, political and civil decision-making bodies, and citizens to continuously engage in the following actions:

To run an organization that will be a dynamic meeting place for the mobilization of people who support Culture Montréal’s mission and objectives.To work with the development of a citizen-based organization representing civil society and made up of a variety of different people – coming from various backgrounds, organizations and mediums – brought together by a common platform of ideas.

Develop expertise and support public intervention through documents, research, and analyses, and promote the distribution of information through events and networking.

Raise Awareness
Encourage popular support and recognition of culture through multilateral actions that take urban life and the diversity of Montréal cultural practices into account.

Maintain close relationships with the different milieus and partners, at the local, regional and national level in order to establish cultural priorities throughout the region.

Proactive Actions
Bring common concerns and issues to public and private decision making bodies; stimulate the participation of the Montréal cultural communities into neighborhoods, networks and in the public consultation and decision making processes.

Eager to work with organizations acting for cultural development everywhere in Canada, Culture Montreal is member of Arts and the City, of the Canadian Conference of the Arts and the Canadian Arts Coalition.

A definition of culture

According to our society, to the definition and the direction of our institutions, and according to our own values system, the word culture can be an encompassing and and universal term, or one that can describe a more precise phenomenon.

Culture Montreal sees culture mainly through the same lens as UNESCO: “[…] all distinctive features, spiritual and material, intellectual and emotional, that characterize a society or a social group. It includes, in addition to arts and letters, lifestyles, basic human rights, value systems, traditions and beliefs. ”

More specifically, through its daily activities,
Culture Montreal recognizes the word culture as:

  1. arts and letters (performing arts, literature, arts visual, media arts, etc)
  2. cultural industries (film, publishing, radio and television, design, etc)
  3. and heritage (buildings, landscapes, oral traditions, commemorative sites, etc)
A bit more about us

Culture Montreal is an independent organization and place for reflexion and action that contributes to building Montreal’s future as a cultural metropolis through research, analysis and communication activities. Its mission is to assert the central role of the arts and culture in all areas of Montreal’s development: economy, buisness, politics, land-use planning, education, and social and community life while encouraging cultural diversity, emerging artists and practices and public art.

We wish to thank all our members as well as:

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Our organization is a member of:

  • Les Arts et la Ville
  • Bureau du Cinéma et de la Télévision du Québec
  • Chambre de commerce du Montréal métropolitain
  • Coalition canadienne des arts
  • Conseil des relations internationales de Montréal
  • Diversité Artistique Montréal
  • Héritage Montréal
  • Le Réseau des conseils régionaux de la culture