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Major Projects and Urban Planning Committee

Major Projects and Urban Planning Committee (French Acronym GPAT) – since 2005

The GPAT committee has a mandate to analyze Montréal’s development projects and urban planning and offer recommendations through public consultations and other methods.

The development of these recommendations is carried out in accordance to the Culture Montréal vision which pursues sustainable development that will be able to integrate, reconcile and balance cultural, economic, social, patrimonial and ecological concerns, for any project having an impact on the city’s urban planning.

The members are fully committed to their mandate of protecting the interests of creators and defending the position that art has within the urban landscape. They act in the public arena on many important projects making sure to: be present at any consultation or informational event concerning urban development, take part in workshops and welcome, on occasion, project coordinators and cultural participants working for a specific project.

Download the guiding principles of this Commission (PDF document)

Committee Members

  • President : Dinu Bumbaru, Policy Director, Héritage Montréal, Member of Culture Montreal’s Board of Administrators
  • Coralie Deny, Executive Director, Conseil régional de l’environnement
  • André Dudemaine, Director, Société pour la diffusion de la culture autochtone / Terres en vue Member of Culture Montreal’s Board of Administrators
  • Paul Lewis, Assistant Dean and Secretary, Faculté de l’aménagement, Université de Montréal
  • Elizabeth-Ann Doyle, Executive and Artistic Director, MU
  • Anne-Marie Jean, Executive Director, Culture Montréal
  • Alain Dufour, deputy Director, Mission Design
  • Michel Sabourin, Chair, Club Soda, Member of Culture Montreal’s Board of Administrators

Coordinated by

  • Marie-Claude Lépine, Communications Director, Culture Montréal

Former members

  • Guy Bellavance, Associate Professor, INRS Urbanisation, Culture et société
  • Danielle Bergevin, Culture Montréal
  • Charles-Mathieu Brunelle, TOHU
  • Philippe Côté, Atelier du patrimoine urbain de Montréal
  • Madeleine Demers, architect
  • Michel DesJardins, Imago
  • Rose-Marie E. Goulet, Visual Artist
  • Bastien Gilbert, RCAAQ
  • Sylvie Lacerte, PhD Art History, Cultural Mediation
  • Eric-Olivier Lacroix, Administrative Director, Théâtre à Corps
  • Philippe Lupien, Lupien Matteau Inc.
  • Louise Poulin,
  • Pierre Richard
A bit more about us

Culture Montreal is an independent organization and place for reflexion and action that contributes to building Montreal’s future as a cultural metropolis through research, analysis and communication activities. Its mission is to assert the central role of the arts and culture in all areas of Montreal’s development: economy, buisness, politics, land-use planning, education, and social and community life while encouraging cultural diversity, emerging artists and practices and public art.

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