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Diversity Committee

Diversity Committee (created in 2005)

The Diversity Committee

Created in 2005 and gathering representatives of organizations specialized in the promotion of diversity in Montréal; the Diversity Committee was initially created for Culture Montréal to develop a vision of diversity as an essential element of the cultural development of the metropolis.

The Diversity Committee concentrated its actions on the mobilization of the organization’s members and Board of Directors; dialog and action with official authorities; information on and communication of concerns; as well as awareness and cultural activities.

Once equipped with quantitative and qualitative information and a better understanding of the issues linked to cultural diversity, the Diversity Committee was given the mission to develop and propose solutions for the participation and the increased recognition of artists and creators of all origins and disciplines into the cultural vitality of the metropolis.

The Culture Montréal Board of Directors, during the Lac-à-l’épaule 2008, asked that the Diversity Committee accept responsibility for the promotion of diversity as a concrete element of any and all actions undertaken by the organization.

The Committee must also complement other Culture Montréal action committees, to combine and merge concepts of diversity in what is discussed and in related files.

Download the Diversity Committee founding paper (PDF document)

Committee Members

  • Chair: Guy Rodgers, Executive Director, English Language Arts Network (ELAN), Culture Montréal Board Member
  • Aida Kamar, Chair and Founder, Vision Diversité
  • Régine Cadet, Executive and Artistic Director, Montréal, arts interculturels (M.A.I.)
  • Gilles Garand, Chair, Société pour la promotion de la danse traditionnelle québécoise
  • Damian Nisenson, Chair, Diversité artistique Montréal (DAM), Culture Montréal Board Member
  • Jérôme Pruneau, Executive Director, Diversité artistique Montréal (DAM)
  • Anne-Marie Jean, Executive Director, Culture Montréal

Coordinated by

  • Christiane Bonneau, Culture Montréal

Former Members

  • Shuni Tsou, Diversité artistique Montréal
  • Milton Tanaka, Diversity Consultant
  • Christian O’Leary, Conseil des arts de Montréal
  • Lin Snelling, Choreographer
  • Danielle Bergevin, Culture Montréal
  • Martin Choquette, Diversité artistique Montréal and Culture Montréal Board Members
  • Michel Dupuis, Quebec Community Groups Network
  • Adhika Maharadj, Prem United
  • Shanmagasunder Chetty, cultural worker
  • Jérôme Payette, Musician
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