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19.01.2007 PRESS RELEASE – Culture Montréal welcomes Musagetes Foundation creators

Culture Montréal is proud to host the launch of the Manifesto of the Musagetes Foundation, dedicated to promoting the transformative power of the arts for individuals and communities.

This Manifesto is the result of a unique collaboration among the Musagetes Foundation’s six Canadian founders, notably Ontario patrons Louise MacCallum and Michael Barnstijn, and a number of thinkers and cultural activists from England, the United States, English Canada, and Quebec, including Simon Brault and Gaétan Morency, Culture Montréal’s Chair and Vice Chair, respectively. Musagetes hopes to “make sparks, set off explosions… and make a difference in the world.”

The event will be the Foundation’s first public function. The choice of Montreal for the launch was no accident: The city has always been fertile ground for new ideas and grand achievements. It is also a community where the notions of sharing, democracy, and intellectual freedom have real meaning.

According to Simon Brault, “Culture Montréal found a kind of kindred spirit in the Musagetes Foundation, and the Manifesto emphasizes the principles of openness, solidarity, and democratization championed by Culture Montréal from its beginnings. The Foundation has made a conscious decision to stand against economistic and reductionist discourse, to remind us that art and artists can provide us with the keys to understanding and transforming our lives. It is extremely encouraging to see a foundation charting such an original and promising course.”

The Musagetes Foundation’s activities will take place both in Canada and internationally. Using the metaphor of the café as a center for meeting and discussion, the Foundation will seek to bring together individuals devoted to the advancement of art and culture as possible answers to human needs.

A first café scheduled for the end of January will bring together twenty-odd artists and cultural leaders including British singer and political activist Billy Bragg; Jordi Pascual, a Catalan expert on cultural policy; and David Buckland, a designer, filmmaker, and director of the Cape Farewell Project on climate change, as well as Simon Brault.

Given the intense spiritual communion that exists between it and the Musagetes Foundation, Culture Montréal will be following the Foundation’s projects and activities with great interest.

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Lily Gaudreault
Director of Communications
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Press Release CM – Musagetes Fondation Launch (19-01-2007) (74 kb)
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